Sunday, February 04, 2007

Metamorphosis - self portrait on the 23rd day
125cmh x 125w
Inspired by a 'rhythm of life' theme. The kitchen dog represents my monthly 'dog of a day'. She cannot escape as she has been lassooed by the vacuum cleaner. Juxtaposed is the absurd idealisation of domesticity emblazoned on the yellow dishcloths (difficult to see in these photos, they are dancing ballerinas, as on the corner blocks - click to enlarge). A daily diary, embroidered on the contraceptive pills, gives a real picture of my life. A mood graph goes off the scale on the 23rd day, and the 23rd ballerina is peeled back like a chrysalis skin.


Sarah said...

Hallo - glad you reffed this one as I might have missed it just scrolling down. I do like this and of course can relate strongly - creative rhythms is a place where I shall be writing quite a lot about so-called labour saving devices...

Quilts and blankets, with all their domestic connotations are interesting me more and more lately as ways of exploring and subverting constructions of femininity, so really glad to see this.

ElizT said...

Fabulous; lots of content economically presented!