Wednesday, October 18, 2006

One Sunday afternoon, when Mummy was sick and wanted a long rest, Daddy helped us to build an orange box kite. I wanted it to have a tail but my big brother said it wouldn't need one. How did he know? I wished I could know why the kite would even fly at all... It's too hard to hold - we need to make a string winder now.

EDM challenge #88 Draw something breezy and memory book painting


Jana Bouc said...

I like the perspective you used in this drawing. It really works and the the colors are nice too. Your memory drawings have inspired me to make some too. I did two today--my Breezy and another that unfortunately disappeared into computer vapor.

Christine Ann Mulholland said...

Alison, I love these memory sketches! Are you doing them in a sketchbook, or binding them in book form? I think that would be great--to do them as a book.

Michael Emerald said...

This is nice. I like the effect where I am wondering who the main character is. The painting leaves us guessing and it's nice. It also has a pleasant "flavor" to it through it's gentle colors and lines. Thanks.