Thursday, September 07, 2006

During a long car journey, in America, in the Summer of '67, I woke to find we had stopped at a 'gas station' to buy 'gas'. Standing right next to our 'auto', I saw a girl wearing a leather mini-skirt (up 'til then I had only seen mini-skirts on television when the Mods and Rockers were having battles) - Oh, my goodness!!! - what would Granny say?
"What's pizza, Dad? What's a pizzeria?"
"Ah, when I went to Naples, after the war, I had pit-sa..."
We didn't get to try one.
(memory book painting)


Tami said...

This is SO GOOD! The flour on her skirt is perfect, and the pizza box, I can almost smell! Love it!

Jan said...

I'm trying to think of superlatives I haven't yet used to describe your beautiful memory paintings...
Change of subject instead - you should publish them in a book. (No, really you should!)

Jana Bouc said...

How wonderful and funny. Your compositions are all so engaging, especially the way you crop things. Where in America were you?

suzanne said...

Great story and painting! I love how your focus in on her the girl's torso and the pizza, leaving out any extraneous details.

clearmark said...

It is happy.
I like it.