Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Our house backed onto the fields. After the harvest, we built forts out of hay bales which were like giant lego bricks, and played Cowboys and Indians. Sometimes, we had to run away from the crochety farmer.
(memory book painting)


Tami said...

Are you going to add color to this one or leave it pen and ink? Nice memory, growing up on a farm, I remember the hey bale forts! I love the prespective.

Penny said...

Are you going to Orange? If you are the Russian Alexander ? cant remember his name, is a hoot, he is felting. Horsham was bliss. hope your workshop is too.
Love the drawings, but see too many hay bales! Love your market man he is great Penny in south Australia

Alison said...

This was an experimant in just line - I tried a single yellow wash in a rough version but thought I would see if I could get the mood without colour.