Wednesday, April 19, 2006

EDM Challenge #63 Draw what you find on a 'nature walk.'
'Nature walk" -
I don't think I hear that term very often in Australia. Anyway, here are some things I collected round the bluff from Pebbly Beach. I could have picked up millions of sea urchin spines - the 'sand' seemed to be composed mainly of them and lots were unbroken. I love the black and white shells - three different varieties, I found when I looked them up. And some false limpets - how do they find their way back to their personalised dimple when they've tired of wandering?
Pen and watercolour, page washed first.


Tami said...

This is wonderful, I don't know how I missed this one. The surf is so rough on our beaches here in Northern California that the shells usually get pulverized on their way to shore. Love your work!

Karen said...

What a fascinating collection. You make me want to go beachcombing here in So. Cal.