Thursday, April 29, 2010

A beer for the replay

Acrylic on canvas
40 x 40cm;16 x 16"
It must be the replay because he is always too anxious to watch his team playing live!
This is another class exercise. The 'brief' was a domestic scene, Matisse inspired - use of some black outline, areas of flattish colour, simplification, spontaneous, - the tutor used Madame Mattisse as an example - but reading later about Matisse working this painting, I discovered he required over 100 sittings - of course many sittings would have been for sketching, preliminary drawings etc. However, I won't be too hard on myself that it looks more like the controlled work of Australian painter John Brack - spontaneous-looking will require a lot more practice! In 'simplifying', I have dispensed with the mess and clutter in our heavily used 'sitting'-room - a great way to 'tidy up'.


Julie Oakley said...

I love it.
The other thing I find amusing is that the colour scheme is exactly the same as our sitting room, mushroom grey carpet, gold/mustard walls and blue upholstery. Even the shape of that chair on the left is the same as our's.

annie said...

I wish I could clean house as well as you do with this method--my housekeeping never shows for long, but this kind will show forever. Lovely color scheme that you and Julie have.

Julie Broom said...

I really like the subject matter and feel of this piece - it's a great little slice of life. I love your housekeeping methods too ;-)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Is he watching rugby or Aussie Rules? Better than Matisse.
Simplify the domestic scene but still have a story. When I take photos of people in our living room all the junk stares me in the face, so a painting is the way to go.

Sheila Vaughan said...

I really like these flat colours Alison. I think it's "you" more than Matisse and Brack but it's an interesting brief. I also "tidy up" my interiors if I paint them. I think, like Hopper, I would just like to paint empty rooms given the chance.

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brooke said...

Nice details very clean house. ha ha