Monday, January 04, 2010

Masterpieces from Paris - sleeping baby

Acrylic on board
30cm x 30cm
We are lucky to have an exhibition of post-impressionist paintings from the Musee d'Orsay on at the Australian National Gallery and I have bought a season ticket so I can ride there for my daily exercise. Last Friday, after I got tired of looking at paintings, I took to people watching and was able to sketch a man who had finally got his baby off to sleep. I loved the arrangement of his arms and the totally relaxed form of the baby.
I think I have over-worked again but am pleased to catch the image anyway and I am pleased with the composition - I like the two pink shapes, the central entanglement of the father and baby - and the way Van Gogh's Starry Night provides a depth in the flatness of the wall. Recently, I purchased a small painting from Sheila Vaughan who told me that over the past few years she has done over 800 painting - perseverence is the way to go.


annie said...

Oh, splendid, Alison. So good to see this. I love the painting on the wall, too, and the effect you were after. Hope to see more soon.

Penny said...

I agree with Annie, this is sooo good.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sketch and I agree with what you said about the movement in the composition and also, of course, about persistence. Your Paris masterpiece series is great!