Friday, May 05, 2006

EDM Challenge #64
Draw your sink

Oops! A few lines are skew - never mind - you get the gist - MESS. I really want to honour our dear old yellow bowl which is now cracked beyond repair. Somewhere, we have a photo of our eldest child, then aged about nine months, sitting in it . She is now 20. It has been mainly used for bread making but also mixing Christmas cakes, pickling onions, dyeing fabric and keeping goldfish in.


Jan said...

I love you sink! I haven't got around to doing this challenge because my sink looks... like yours! Thanks for the inspiration.

Lindsay said...

So sorry to hear about your beloved bowl! and Better a big mess and the kitchen and loads of drawings than a pristine kitchen and an empty sketchbook! (You can tell how much I love housekeeping duties!) I love your work.

Marilyn said...

Love your sink - it has such character and personality.