Thursday, March 16, 2006

Some books were frowned upon. So I read them in delicious, silent privacy. (memory book painting)

This was a difficult subject to catch - I spent a while under the blankets with a torch. (It was much brighter than I remember - I think my batteries were frequently low.) I did several versions and may try again but this will do for now.


pedalpower said...

Boy does that bring back memories! I loved reading like this as a child. Your memory paintings are wonderful!

JaKo said...

When I was was a small boy I did exactly the same !!! My parents was angry because my eyes - probably true. Today I wear glasses on my nose.
Your memory paintings are so lovely !

Penny said...

I love this idea, It also brings back so many memories. I love your hat, your working stuff looks a bit like mine
Penny in Victor Harbor

Tami said...

This is wonderful! I think we all can use this page in our memory books!