Wednesday, March 01, 2006

So! I have set up my first blog today :) - and learnt to use the scanner. I live with computer competent people therefore have very few computer skills myself. Last week I joined the Everyday Matters Yahoo Group, an off shoot of Danny Gregory's website. It has been fun to visit everyone's blogs and be inspired to get drawing regularly.
This week the drawing challenge is a self portrait. I have done several, but I like this simple contour drawing best - it is the most expressive. It looks like me wondering where amongst the chaos to dump my son's clean washing.


Donn said...

I think you did very good on your blind contour. I guess I should try this for mine and leave it at that! I've tried drawing my own self-portrait 3 times--not like me at all, so I gave up for now.

Shuku said...

Welcome to the EDM group, Alison! Yes, the blind contour drawing is -lovely-. But so are the other two self-portraits. Hope to see more of your work in future!

--Shuku-Yin (from the EDM group)

Marie-Dom said...

This is so good and so expressive! I love it.